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Hand-Operated Micro-applicator

Hand Applicator


This improved model is a convenient hand operated precision applicator for a fixed range of droplets. Aliquots 0.25µl to 5µl and 2.5µl to 50µl in 5 steps using the 1cc and 10cc syringes respectively. Applications include agricultural research, chemistry, physiology, etc. Supplied complete with 1cc syringe and two packets of hypodermic needles.


  • Long Term Accuracy
  • Positive Universal Clamp
  • 0.25 - 50µL Aliquots
  • Protected Indexing
  • Ease Of Use
  • Rugged Design

Product Details

The Burkard hand micro-applicator can be used anywhere. It is convenient, reliable, sturdy and portable and needs no battery or mains electricity. Our improved version is a further example of Burkard Scientific’s engineering and maintains our reputation for quality and precision.

There are many laboratory uses for micro-dispensing devices, however few manually operated instruments prove convenient, for one reason or another. The instrument has been developed to combine simplicity with speed and ease of operation.

The hand applicator has had an international appeal for more than 20 years typically in areas of topical application, micro-injection, micro-titration and precision dispensing. Widely employed in agricultural research laboratories, this attractive, free standing instrument is invaluable for the application of pesticides. It provides easy selection and delivery of reproducible aliquots. The rigidly mounted, precision all glass syringe enables the operator to carefully apply microdroplets for a variety of individual experiments.

With the applicator’s universal support the syringe needle may be angled downward for injection into cells, etc. More complex dispensing may require an alternative laboratory stand or a micrometer positioned platform for use under a microscope. The applicator has indexing enclosed for protection, easier volume selection, and a base plate manufactured from inert stain-resistant plastic.

The applicators are constructed from stainless steel or anodised materials which withstand chemicals in the laboratory. The design protects precision parts to maintain long term accuracy, and improves the droplet selection. The standard aliquots are 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5µl when the all-glass 1ml syringe is used. However droplet sizes up to 50µl are possible with the optional 10cc syringe and adapter; all scale volumes are multiplied by 10.

Syringe mounting is quick and simple, and the volume selection is reliable with positive location of the index and drum when the selector datum coincides with any graduation on the scale. Free rotation of the drum is possible when the lever is depressed for rewind. The universal mount with single clamp positively secures the instrument in any desired position. Special mounting adapters will be provided to order if required.

Standard equipment includes

  • 1ml syringe
  • 1 box each 5/10 + 3/10 luer syringe needles


  • 10cc all glass syringe and adaptor (for volumes up to 50µl)
  • Alternative syringe needle sizes


Max delivery volume (1ml syringe)


Hypodermic luer fitting syringe needles

3/10 x 25mm


5/10 x 25mm

Overall unit length






Base dimensions

10 x 15cm

Nett weight


Ship weight


Ordering Information


Part No.

Hand Micro-Applicator


The company reserves the right to change specification without notice.
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