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Burkard 7 Day Recording Volumetric Spore Sampler

Spore Sampler


A proven unit with self-contained vacuum pump designed to sample air-borne particles continuously for periods up to seven days unattended. Supplied with drum preparation accessories and full equipment. A 24 hour sampling option is available. Power: 12VDC, 240VAC 50Hz and 110VAC 60Hz.


  • Continuous sampling up to 7 days without attention
  • Built in vacuum pump
  • Precision 7-jewel clock movement
  • Interchangeable orifices
  • 24-hour sampling option
  • Reliable and simple operation
  • Mains, battery or combined mains or battery option

Standard Of Reference

Built and developed with the assistance of scientists closely associated with problems relating to airborne particles such as fungus spores and pollens, the sampler has proved to be a standard of reference throughout the world. Although the instrument compares closely to the trap described by Hirst in 1952 (Ann app. Biol 39 pp. 257-265) its performance has been enhanced by the use of interchangeable orifices to improve the trapping efficiency for particles in the range 1-10µm diameter.

Continuous Sampling

The principal advantage of the Burkard instrument is the continuous recording facility for long periods. Spores are impacted on adhesive coated transparent plastic tape (Melinex) supplied and supported on a drum with a fixed circumference driven by a 7-jewel clockwork movement. This assembly is mounted on a close fitting slide, which assists the user when inserting the drum with mounted tape into the main body of the instrument. The large vane makes the sampler sensitive to small changes in wind direction.

Mains Or Battery

Vacuum pumps are mains or battery driven and are interchangeable. Adjustment of the 10-litre throughput is possible with either potentiometer or metering screw. A mains and battery pump option allows operation from either power source without changing the pump motor.

Solar Power Option

The spore sampler solar power kit is a compact and highly efficient solar pack that can support continuous operation in all weather conditions in any country. The standard solar panel is only 330mm x 175mm x 35mm and weighs only 1Kg (various panel sizes available dependent upon geographical location). It can be housed in a aluminium frame for floor or roof mounting or pole mounted for free standing operation. The kit includes a battery & controller which allows operation over night from the charge it receives during the day providing continuous 24 hour operation. The Solar power kit provides the answer to the free standing power requirements of the Burkard spore sampler for a minimal cost.

Construction And Equipment Details

To avoid corrosion against normal weather conditions all parts are protected by hard stove enamel or anodising. The use of aluminium in the design and construction of the spore trap makes it light weight and readily portable for field use. Drum changing on site is a quick and simple operation. The method of withdrawing the combined drum slide and chamber top to gain access for drum replacement and adjustment of the flow orifice is simple. 24-hour clock units or the alternative slide assembly for 24-hour trapping on microscope slides is also offered.

Standard Equipment

  • Trimming block for Melinex tape
  • 1 roll double sided tape
  • 1 roll Melinex tape
  • 1 Kg Gelvatol
  • Carrying box
  • Stand for coating Drum

Extra Equipment

  • Alternative orifice - 14mm x 2mm reducing to 0.5mm.
  • Flow Meter
  • Additional Drum
  • 24-hour slide assembly for sampling on to microscope slides


Sampling Duration

7 days standard

24-hours on to microscopeslides using alternative slide assembly.

Drum movement

2mm/hour 7-jewel clockwork driven

Throughput at orifice

10 litres/minute

Standard orifice size

2mm x 14mm

Impaction tape

Clear Melinex: 200 gauge



Working area of sampler

0.882 sq. metre through 53cm radius

Power requirements

220/240V 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

Battery supply


Net weight

16 Kg

Gross weight

30 Kg

Case dimensions

60 x 70 x 80cm

Ordering Information


Product code

24-Hour Volumetric Spore Sampler, 12VDC


24-Hour Volumetric Spore Sampler, 110VAC


24-Hour Volumetric Spore Sampler, 240VAC


24-Hour Volumetric Spore Sampler, Dual voltage option (12VDC/110VAC)


24-Hour Volumetric Spore Sampler, Dual voltage option (12VDC/240VAC)


7-Day Volumetric Spore Sampler, 12VDC


7-Day Volumetric Spore Sampler, 110VAC


7-Day Volumetric Spore Sampler, 240VAC


7-Day Volumetric Spore Sampler, Dual voltage option (12VDC/110VAC)


7-Day Volumetric Spore Sampler, Dual voltage option (12VDC/240VAC)


It is the policy of our company continually to improve the design, construction and performance of our products. We, therefore, reserve the right to change specifications without notice.
The spore sampler is manufactured by Burkard Scientific, specialists in the design and construction of instruments and equipment for agricultural research world wide.
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